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-====== ​PlayGround ​====== +====== ​Session Title: CR413: Pivot or Die (Your Career, That Is) ====== 
-• Include technology as a part of life  + 
-• Kids learn by playing  ​ +===== Session Abstract: ===== 
-• Many games and shows by PBS are available – each focus on the different areas of learning  + 
-• Ready-Jet-Go – This show focus on ‘Space ​and Art Science’It teaches ​the kid about making predictions ​and learning space and science by simpler ways.  +Four execs share moments that led to pivots, ​and how they moved out of their comfort zones to reinvent themselves ​and their careersTwo panelists "​stayed in their lane" and pivoted to opportunities in their field; while two used their pivots to "​change lanes"​. They'​ll debate ​the pros and cons of planning your career path versus embracing serendipityEither way - you own your career! 
-• Kids think differently than adults ​ + 
-o PBS research group tested one of their apps with Kids and adults ​to see how different ​the experience ​isWhen given a screen with a character ​and a play button – all the kids almost touched the character on the screen to activate/​begin the gameHowever, the parents touched the ‘Play’ buttonThis is one of the classic examples ​of how adults brain is conditioned vs playful attitude ​the child is bringing to the table  +===== Speaker: ===== 
-• How to capture the magic in the digital space  +**Margret Schmidt, VP of Product Development,​ Intuit** 
-o Watching tv makes kids understand more concepts ​ +MARGRET SCHMIDT is VP of Product Development at Intuit, where she leads the engineering teams for QuickBooks Online Payroll. Prior to Intuit, Margret spent 16 years at TiVo, where she served as Chief Design Officer and VP of Product Development,​ leading ​the engineering and user experience ​teams for domestic and international TiVo products, including DVRs and set-top boxes, and iOS, Android, and Web appsMargret is an alumna of UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering ​and Stanford’s Graduate School of BusinessShe has a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Televisionwas one of the Most Powerful Women in Cable for seven years, and was named an iTV All-Star for her lifetime achievement in interactive televisionShe is a YWCA Silicon Valley Tribute to Women honoree, and one of Silicon Valley Business Journal'​s Women of Influence. Margret serves on Advisory Council for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and holds 16 patents. 
-o PBS kids has the learning frameworks and their apps and shows are focused on the learning outcomes  +===== Session Notes: ​ ===== 
-o George busy day – Counting and Cardinality games + 
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