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 ====== Session Notes ====== ====== Session Notes ======
 +  - Skills
 +  - Strength
 +  - Environment
 +Take a piece of paper and create four squares. Label them skills, love, hate and learn. Split your skills into the different categories. List all of your technical skills under skills (java, python, SQL, etc.) Put the skills you like doing under the love category. Put the skills that are not your favorite under the hate category. List all of the skills that you are interested in and want to learn more into the learn category. ​
 +Skills are what you do. Strengths are how well you do them. To find your strengths, you should: increase self awareness, take personality tests, journal and ask for feedback. ​
 +Environment includes people and places. Do you like the people you work with? Do you like to your community? ​
 +Your career is not a ladder; it is a jungle gym. Be ready to make lateral career moves as well as vertical career jumps. Be able to weigh the job because of your strength, skills and environment. ​
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