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 +====== Session Title: CR413: Pivot or Die (Your Career, That Is) ======
 +===== Session Abstract: =====
 +Four execs share moments that led to pivots, and how they moved out of their comfort zones to reinvent themselves and their careers. Two panelists "​stayed in their lane" and pivoted to opportunities in their field; while two used their pivots to "​change lanes"​. They'​ll debate the pros and cons of planning your career path versus embracing serendipity. Either way - you own your career!
 +===== Speaker: =====
 +**Margret Schmidt, VP of Product Development,​ Intuit**
 +MARGRET SCHMIDT is VP of Product Development at Intuit, where she leads the engineering teams for QuickBooks Online Payroll. Prior to Intuit, Margret spent 16 years at TiVo, where she served as Chief Design Officer and VP of Product Development,​ leading the engineering and user experience teams for domestic and international TiVo products, including DVRs and set-top boxes, and iOS, Android, and Web apps. Margret is an alumna of UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. She has a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Television, was one of the Most Powerful Women in Cable for seven years, and was named an iTV All-Star for her lifetime achievement in interactive television. She is a YWCA Silicon Valley Tribute to Women honoree, and one of Silicon Valley Business Journal'​s Women of Influence. Margret serves on Advisory Council for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and holds 16 patents.
 +===== Session Notes: ​ =====
 +  * None of this was planned
 +  * Her career path is very unusual – Been played many roles as IT manager, business manager, Engineering manager where no product or design manager. Eventually she became kind of product manager. Spend bulk of time in Engineering team, then design to engineering.
 +  * Lot of energy doing also became familiar
 +  * Taking the perspectives of the customer
 +  * Can I become an executive sponsor of retail side?
 +       * Stepped into help making decisions. The manager has not told the CEO on the changes the team made. She got in, lead the team, 7 different teams.
 +       * Chief product owner asked what are for team the chaos and why? Had to do make ship / no ship decisions
 +       * Now, customers are happy and the company is shipping high quality stuff. It took 9 months to get to the desired state.
 +       * VP had left the company and she was requested to take on the job because she knew the team, knew the product, and the customers. Led the team for 5 years.
 +       * CEO appreciated for the best decision that ever made in making her lead the team
 +       * Reflection – Looking at them, no one is helping them, and made her think what she can do for them
 +       * Design has its mom. Engineering made her flex leader. ​
 +       * Message – If you don’t know if you can move job or change hair color, just choose with some color. ​
 +  * Bigger is better
 +       * Many of the successful persons been up and down in their path
 +       * EKGs – lot of ups and down, owning a career in my own terms is a big thing
 +===== Q & A =====
 +  * Work life balance ​
 +       * She responded that she paid attention to be in 8 miles radius to her work so she can spend more time with family. 3 kids – she did with no time off.
 +  * Emotion and management track
 +       * Lot of authenticity ​
 +       * Work hard to be the best in your field – it will take you to the management track
 +       * Compensation:​ Short term it might be good, but in long term – Hone on your skills. Your pay will be better
 +       * Do what is feels good to you
 +  * Being happy with the job – is that a time to take rational decision to change/​switch?​
 +       * No, if you are going to work every day with happiness, do not break it.
 +       * Rational decision – if you had a set date that you should be here on x date by x year
 +  * Always be Interviewing
 +       * Whether or not the speaker is happy, she said that she always was interviewing
 +       * Leave the party while you are still having fun
 +       * Unhappy – mostly is due to the chemistry of the team. Don’t worry about the reasons – if you don’t like, then go find a place.
 +  * Then to Now – where would you start or what would you do if you are starting the career now?
 +       * Focus – Be a subject matter expert. So people lean on you.
 +       * Follow me home, use products, customer empathy, customers and product – Negotiate
 +  * When to explore different technologies
 +       * Build network with different developer communities
 +       * Find out and stay on top of what’s going on
 +       * Choose the organization where they have rotation programs to explore new areas
 +  * Took a different job of what was studied
 +       * If you don’t the purpose, you will find it hard. Find your purpose. Stay focused.
 +  * Judgement decision making
 +       * If you have 3 options. Imagine with option A – How does it feel if you take that option. Brain is processing a lot of information. Your brain will tell you if it is right for you.
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