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Grace Hopper Celebration 2018

Welcome to GHC 2018 Wiki! This space is to collaborate during the conference. This year's conference is set for Houston, Texas. We have great sessions planned and activities. Get Involved! Visit the GHC 2018 site for more information about schedule, speakers, sessions, activities.

How to Use this Wiki

To find the notes for a session, scan the schedule for the session title, and click on the title to bring up the new or existing session notes page.

If you're new to wiki editing, here's how to add your conference notes and materials:

  • To post your notes you must be logged in to the wiki.
  • Click the pencil on the right hand side or the Edit button below each section.
  • Add your notes, using Wiki Markup for formatting or links above the text area.
  • If you have posted session notes elsewhere or blogged about the session, post links to that content. Add a brief comment in the Summary field at the bottom describing the change you've made to the page. It's a good idea to preview the page before saving, to make sure the formatting and links are correct.
  • Then click Save page to save your work before you navigate away from the page.

To upload slides or other content related to the sessions, click the Upload file bottom in the Toolbox to the left. Then add a link to the file on the associated session notes page. There is a 3.5M limit to files to you upload. If your slides are larger than 3.5M you can either post them elsewhere and link to them or email Community at anitaborg dot org for assistance.

Since the GHC schedule is subject to change, if you find something in the wrong place it's okay to move it. And if you take notes on a GHC session missing from the list, go ahead and add it.

Need Help?

Any questions/comments about this wiki, please contact Her Systers' Keeper, Zaza Soriano, at

Open Source Day 2018

Visit our Open Source Day 2018 page to read more about the projects.

GHC 2018 Schedule

Please click schedule for session notes, blogs, vlogs and speaker slides and updates.

GHC 2018 Communities Volunteer Schedule

GHC 2018 Systers 30th Volunteer Schedule

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