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Welcome to the Systers Wiki - Systers Development community

Systers is an international community of 6,000 women involved in technical-computing founded by Anita Borg in 1987 as a small electronic mailing list for women in “systems”. Today, Systers broadly promotes the interests of women in the computing and technology fields. Anita created Systers to “increase the number of women in computer science and make the environments in which women work more conducive to their continued participation in the field.” The Systers community serves this purpose by providing women a private space to seek advice from their peers, and discuss the challenges they share as women technologist.

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Getting Started with Open Source Development

Systers has been involved with open source in various ways, introducing Open Source Day at Grace Hopper (In 2010 the first open source day was actually called Codethon for Humanity), with our emailing list software, mentoring our members through GrrlCamp learning Python and Google Summer of code. We have incredible Systers that paved the way for our community to continue and it is only right we recognize them here.

  • Robin Jeffries
  • Jen Redman
  • Terri Oda
  • and I'm sure there are many others.

Because of their drive to introduce Systers to open source projects, communities and technologies, we are honored that we continue their work.

Join the conversation here: Systers-foss

The list is open to all genders, projects, and experience levels, but it is closely moderated to make sure that the conversation remains helpful and polite.

Systers @ Qualcomm EmpowHerment Summit Hackathon

Anita Borg Institute and Systers were involved with Qualcomm EmpowHERment Summit and student attendees participate in our Systers Peace Corps project Mobile App Control Center.

2015 Systers Qualcomm Hack

Systers Open Source Current Projects

Please visit our main open source page for more detailed information at the following link »

2015 Systers Open Source Interns

Systers Google Summer of Code

We've submitted our application to participate in GSoC 2017. Announcements will be made Feb 28, 2017 so check back later!

Systers Past Google Summer of Code

GSoC 2016

GSoC 2015

GSoC 2014

GSOC 2013

GSOC 2012

GSOC 2010 - Information for 2010 GSoC applicants

GSOC 2009 - 2009 GSoC Systers Projects

Systers Code Sprints - Information about the GHC09 Systers code sprint

Google Code In

Systers open source team is planning to apply for Google Code In (GCI) this year. We'll definitely need some help so if you're interested in mentoring, please complete the mentoring form.

We're working on our tasks for GCI so check back with us in October 25, 2015 for more information.

GCI Tasks

Grace Hopper Open Source Day (Code for Humanity)

Grace Hopper Celebration held its first open source day in Atlanta 2010 due in all part to Systers: Robin Jeffries, Jen Redman, Leslie Hawthorn and Avni Khatri. At the time, it was called Codeathon for Humanity with only one open source project, Sahana Eden. Now it's a regular and favorite of event of many attendees, especially Systers.

GHC 2016 OSD

Systers are currently working on various projects and always looking for volunteers to join our GHC OSD committee and help organize our next OSD participation at GHC 2016. Please “watch” this page for updates and we'll post how you can get involved soon.

Read about our Systers GHC 2016 OSD Projects.

Past Grace Hopper Open Source Day (OSD) Hackathon

Systers Resources

Systers Resources - Resources for women involved in technical computing.

Screen Casts - Development, how tos, ideas for subject areas

Systers Posters - docs and files for educational inspirational posters for women in computing

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